Frequently Asked Questions

1a: Register with InstaShop and add your first account

Awesome, you’ve chosen to use InstaShop to boost sales. We’ll have you up and running in a few easy steps. The first thing you need to do is register InstaShop with Instagram and add your first account. After that you can add more accounts.

Register with Instagram
  • If you have not registered InstaShop with Instagram, you will see a button titled ‘Authorise Now'
  • Clicking the button will take you to an Instagram authorisation page.
  • Click the ‘Authorise’ button. This will complete the registration and will take you back to InstaShop.
Add your first Instagram account
The Instagram account you registered with will be added in the box. You can change this to any account you want. When you are happy click 'Add'

1b: adding additional Instagram accounts
2: Fetch pictures and make them visible to your customers

Last Updated 2 years ago