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What does InstaShop do? How should i use it?

Last Updated 3 years ago

InstaShop allows you to take pictures from Instagram @username accounts and display them in your shop. You can add pins to these pictures. Pins link to products in your store, which can drive sales.

The reasons for using InstaShop will vary from shop owner to shop owner.

If you look at this example you can see that the client is using InstaShop to show pictures of their customers using their products. InstaShop allows them to show a gallery of customer generated content, within their shop, that includes links to their products.


They have also set up Product Galleries. Product galleries showcase Instagram pictures directly on the product page:


This customer shows pictures they have taken and posted to their Instagram gallery. This allows them to show a variety of their products, outside of a the more rigid list of products in the main section of their shop.


Other customers use InstaShop to simply display Instagram pictures. A huge benefit of this approach is they stop sending potential customers away from their store.

You can see other examples of Shop owners using InstaShop here:

The choice is ultimately dependant on the range of products you sell, how you wish to present your shop to your customers and your use of Instagram.

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