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How to use Instagram hashtags (#tags )

It’s important to understand that if you set InstaShop to feed in #tags, it will gather the last 250 * #tags from ALL Instagram accounts.

This means, if you add a commonly used #tags, it is likely you are going to see a lot of pictures you don’t want to!

Remember, no pictures will display until you set them to visible. So you may find it’s OK to work through all the pictures not relevant to you, using the search and filter tools to help locate the pictures you want.

Here’s a good example of when using #tags can be useful:
Some of our clients run promotions where they get customers to take pictures of their product ‘in the wild’. They ask customers to share pictures on Instagram, using a specific #tag. In these instances, the #tag feed option is useful because it allows shop owners to display Instagram pictures from accounts they have not set up as feeds. In these instances, best practice is use a unique #tag. That can sometimes be easier said than done! #yourshopname can be effective.

* If you set a picture to visible, it will remain in your gallery even after the 250 limit is reached.

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