6B: Adding InstaShop to a page using HTML code

Last Updated 4 years ago

Install the InstaShop WordPress plugin for even easier embedding, using ShortCodes

1: Make sure you have your InstaShop account open - either through your WordPress admin or through my.instashopapp.com/

2: Depending on how you are accessing InstaShop, either:
  • Click the 'More' menu at the top right and select 'Setting'
  • Or Click 'Settings' on the left hand menu
On the right hand side, click the 'Emded' button


3: Copy the HTML code

4: From your WordPress admin, go to Pages

5: Either
  • Create a new page - remember to add a title and any other text/media you want
  • Select an existing page - you want to add your gallery to

6: Select the 'TEXT' tab - this is located at the top-right of the page editor.
Important - if you do not select this tab, the code, rather than the gallery will display!

7: Paste the HTML code where you want the gallery to appear. You can switch back to the default 'Visual' tab now.

7: Click 'UPDATE' or, if you are creating a new page 'PUBLISH'

8: Awesome! Your customers can now see your Instagram gallery.

If you get stuck, don't worry. We can always help by embedding InstaShop for you. Get help

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