2: Install and configure the InstaShop WordPress plugin

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Benefits of installing the InstaShop plugin
  • Access InstaShop from your WordPress admin *
  • Use Smart Pins
  • Makes embedding InstaShop galleries easy
* InstaShop can be used without installing the WordPress plugin. However, you will need to manage your gallery exclusively through myinstashopapp.com.

Installing the InstaShop plugin:
NOTE - the plugin is now called SocialShop
  • Download and install the plugin form here.
  • Search for SocialShop within your admins plugin section, install and activate.

How to configure InstaShop (video)
NOTE: this video is based on a previous version of WooCommerce. See below for the minor differences

STEP 1: Get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from WooCommerce
This step will allow InstaShop to search your product database, so you can add product pins to your Instagram pictures.

  • Login into your WordPress admin.
  • Select 'WooCommerce', then select 'Settings'.

IMPORTANT - WooCommerce has updated the next part of the process. Follow the guide that works for you:

  • Select 'Advanced from the top menu, then click the 'REST API' link below.
  • Click the 'Add Key' button


  • Select 'API' from the top menu, then click the 'Keys/Apps' from the links below.
  • Click the 'ADD KEY' button.

  • Add a description e.g. InstaShop.
  • Click Generate KEY (important - do not leave close the WooCommerce page until you have copied the details).
  • Copy the details generated into 'Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret' on the page https://my.instashopapp.com/settings/woo.
  • Make sure your store URL is correctly entered too.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Now - move to step 2 (below).


Note: In rare cases InstaShop may not be able to properly communicate with WooCommerce depending on your website hosting. This configuration change may help.

STEP 2: Allow InstaShop to track updates to your store
This step ensures InstaShop stays up to date with any changes you make to your products.

  • Copy the 'Consumer Secret' you just pasted into the WooCommerce configuration section of InstaShop.
  • Go back to your WooCommerce store.
  • Select 'WooCommerce' from the side menu, then select 'Settings'.
  • Click 'API' from the top menu and then select 'Webhooks' from the links below.
  • Click the 'Add webhook' button
  • Change the 'Status' option to 'Active'
  • Change the 'Topic' option to 'Product updated'
  • In the 'Delivery URL filed enter https://my.instashopapp.com/webhooks/woo
  • Click the Save Webhook button



3: Fetch pictures and set them visible

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