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Design: Custom CSS

Last Updated 5 years ago

InstaShop customers on the Business Plan have access to customs CSS controls. This allows you to radically change the look of your InstaShop gallery. Changes include:

  • Updating fonts
  • Increasing/decreasing padding around pictures
  • Changing background colours

How to update your gallery design using custom CSS

Using CSS will change the look and feel of your gallery. If you do not know how to work with CSS, please consult a web designer.

  • Make sure you have your CSS code ready.
  • GO to the InstaShop app.
  • Click 'MORE' and select 'GALLERY SETTINGS'. *
  • At the bottom of the gallery settings panel, click 'ADVANCED SETTINGS'.
  • Paste your CSS code in the 'CUSTOM CSS' box.
  • Click 'SAVE'
  • You design is now updated.
IMPORTANT - to see changes on the left hand side, you will need to refresh the page.

* CSS is controlled independently for your main gallery and product galleries. To update your product gallery, once you have arrived at 'GALLERY SETTINGS' you will need to select the 'PRODUCT GALLERY' tab

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