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6: PRODUCT GALLERIES: What are they & how to set them up

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Product Galleries take the Smart Pins you add to pictures and uses them to automatically build a unique gallery for each product in your store.

The Video:

Product galleries in action

Here are two great examples of product page feature in action:

What are product galleries?

With InstaShop, you can add smart Smart Pins to pictures. Smart Pins link to products in your store and can help drive sales.

An example of an InstaShop gallery as seen here

An example of the carousel view of one of the pictures from the above gallery, including a Smart Pin link to a product page

Product Galleries builds on Smart Pins.

InstaShop takes all the pins you have added, and builds a unique gallery for each product. InstaShop then automatically adds the gallery to that product page, without you having to do anything!

The same gallery as above, with pictures of the same product highlighted


The product page, with InstaShop Product galleries added, as seen here. Pictures from above highlighted.

Now, customers can see your product in action in the real world. Shop owners have found this to be an awesome way to further drive sales

How do I start using product galleries?

  • You need to be a Business Plan customer.
  • You will need to make sure you have added Smart Pins to your pictures. Without Smart Pins linking to products, InstaShop can't build your product galleries.
  • You can set up how your product galleries look in the same way as you set up your main gallery, by going to Gallery Settings. We have more details here.
  • Good to know - Your product gallery can be a different layout to your standard gallery. e.g. a collage on the front page and a slider on product pages.

How do I add product galleries to my shop?

We will add the galleries for you, free of charge!

When you are ready to add your gallery to your shop front, fill out a ticket here,
Be sure to add all the information we need to help you. And follow the instructions at the end for giving us access to your store.

Good to know: We aim to have product galleries added within one business day or less

Product gallery FAQs

What happens if haven't added pins to a product?
If InstaShop can't find any pins related to a product, it will not display anything on that page. Customers will see your standard sales page.

How are pictures ordered on a product page?
They newest picture comes first, the oldest last.

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