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5A: Get InstaShop onto your home page using SHOPIFY theme

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Each Shopify theme is different! Some themes don’t directly support the process described below. Don’t worry!
We can always embed InstaShop for you! Get in touch.

Video Guide

Step By Step Guide

  • From the InstaShop app, go to the 'MORE' menu at the top right, select 'GALLERY SETTINGS'
  • Click on the 'EMBED' button at the top-right of the screen. Copy the embed code from the screen that pops up.
  • Now, from the left hand menu of Shopify, click 'ONLINE STORE'.
  • From the left hand sub menu the appears, click THEMES'
  • Click 'CUSTOMISE', located to the right of the screen.
  • You will see a list of ‘sections’ on the left. These make up your home page. You can edit an existing section. Or you can add a new section.
    • If you want to add a new section, scroll to the bottom of the list on the left hand side and choose CUSTOM CONTENT from the ADVANCED LAYOUT section and click the ADD button
    • Update the heading
    • Under content, delete TALK ABOUT YOUR BRAND and IMAGE (open them up, scroll to the bottom of the section and click DELETE
    • Now, click ADD CONTENT and select CUSTOM HTML
  • Paste in your embed code.
  • You may have to make other adjustments, including changing the width.
  • Click SAVE.
  • You can reorder your theme by dragging the sections up and down.

Picture Guide

Step 1: Get the Embed code

Step 2: Access 'Customise Theme'

Step 2: Find the 'Custom Content' section and click 'Add'

Step 3: Delete existing sections in Custom Content and add 'Custom HTML'

Step 4: Add your gallery title and the embed code. Set width (optional) and save

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