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An update on the functionality of InstaShop

Last Updated 4 years ago

In response to the recent data privacy issues Instagram has, understandably, updated some of the access permissions they offer third parties.

As a result, we have had to update some functionality to the InstaShop service. In particular, functionality that supports multiple @username Instagram accounts.

What does this mean?
  • You can still fetch pictures from multiple @username Instagram accounts. But, you must have admin access to each account you add to InstaShop.
  • Before you can fetch more pictures, you will need to reauthorise all the @username Instagram accounts you have registered with InstaShop.

What do I need to do
You will need to repeat this process for each @username Instagram account you have added:

  • Go to and make sure you are logged in with the account you need to authorise.
  • From the InstaShop app:
    • Shopify Customers: Click on 'More' at the top right of the screen and select 'Configure Instagram'.
    • Other customers: Click on 'Instagram' from the right hand menu.
Shopify customers

Other customers

  • Click the 'Reauthorise' button, next to the account you need to update.
  • Click the 'Reauthorise account' button.

  • SUCCESS! the Exclamation icon next to your account should have gone. You can now continue using InstaShop. If the icon has not gone, you will need to check you are logged into the correct Instagram account.
You can now repeat the process. You will need to sign in with the correct details at for any other accounts you want to authorise with InstaShop.

Good to know
  • If you follow the instructions above, none of your visible settings will be lost
  • If you accidentally disconnect an account, you can reconnect it. Your visible settings will be lost. But your pins will be retained.
  • If you have been using an @username account that you do not have admin access to, you will no longer be able to fetch new pictures from that account.

Still have questions?

We appreciate that change can be frustrating. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know here.

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