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3 - Add Pins to pictures. Link pins to products in your shop. GD

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Adding a Pin

Pins can link to a product in your store, or an external URL. With Standard pins you have to manually add pictures.

  • From the Manage Feed page...
  • Click the 'PIN' button directly below the picture, or the picture itself.
  • To add a pin, click on the picture.
  • A pin will be added and a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Add a name to the 'PRODUCT NAME' box.
  • Add a link to your product in the PRODUCT URL box
  • Add a link to your product picture in the PRODUCT IMAGE URL box *
  • Add a call to action in the box titled 'BUTTON TITLE'. Something like ‘Buy now…’.
Adding details:

Completed pin:

* To get a a link to your product picture..
  • Go to your product page on your shop from
  • Right click on the primary product picture
  • Select 'Copy Link'
  • Paste the link into the PRODUCT IMAGE URL box

To remove a pin

  • Click on the 'PIN' button below the picture you want to remove a pin from.
  • Click on the pin you want to remove.
  • On the pop up menu, click the 'TRASH' icon.
  • You pin will be removed.

  • You can add as many pins as you want to each picture
  • You can rename the button each time. InstaShop will remember the name of the last button to make adding pins quicker.

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