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Why are some of my pictures blank?

Last Updated 11 months ago

In order to show your pictures, we need to put in a request to Instagram. Most of the time, for standard IG account holders, they send back all the pictures we request on your behalf. Unfortunately, from time to time, not all pictures are sent back.

Recommended Solution

The best thing to do is upgrade to the InstaShop Essential or InstaShop Business Plans and use either an Instagram Business account or Instagram Creator Account to support your pictures.

IG allows third party services much greater freedom in displaying pictured from these account types. This takes a few minutes of set up, but you will find that your pictures never show up blank.

Everything you need to get you set up can be found here

Other Fixes

If you are not ready to upgrade to the Essential or Business plan, or you do not want to create an IG Creator or Business account, you still have options!

Ensure your Instagram account is linked to InstaShop.
  • Log into InstaShop (if you use Shopify you can do this via the app section of your Shopify admin. If you are using a different platform, you can log in at
  • Click on Instagram located in the side menu
  • Check the account is active.
  • NOTE - you may have to reauthorise your Instagram account.

Manually refresh the pictures that are not showing as visible.
  • Log into InstaShop
  • You will arrive on the Mange Feed page
  • From here, you will see your pictures listed.
  • Click the main refresh button
  • If this does not work, you can click on individual refresh buttons located next to each picture
Note - if this still does not work, in the short term, we advise checking any picture that isn’t displaying to ‘not visible.

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