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5D: Make InstaShop appear in your SHOPIFY shops navigation (optional)

Last Updated 4 years ago

This guide is only necessary if you have added InstaShop to a new page.

  • Make sure you have noted that name of the page you have added InstaShop to.
  • In the main menu of your Shopify account, Click ONLINE STORE, then NAVIGATION
  • You will see a selection of menus. The defaults are MAIN MENU and FOOTER. Click the EDIT MENU button next to the menu you want to add the page to.
  • On the left hand side, click the button ADD MENU ITEM
  • A blank menu item will appear. Give the page a menu title under the NAME column .
  • In the LINK column, select PAGE
  • A new drop down option will appear to the right. Select the page containing your InstaShop gallery.
  • You can adjust the order the page will appear by dragging the icon that looks like two rows of three dots up or down.
  • Click SAVE.

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